HYPMEDPRO is the acronym for a 3-year research project (2016-2019) funded by Agence nationale de la recherche (ANR).

Conducted by a team of historians, sociologists and anthropologists specialized on the study of science, medicine and collective action, HYPMEDPRO ‘(Over)medicalization of Childbirth as a Public Problem : Material Trajectories, Public Controversies and Institutional Changes’ aims to analyse how, to what extent, and on the initiative of which players medical techniques – promoted, for long time, as a means to master the « nature » (i.e. woman’s body and its hazards)— have themselves gradually become a problem to master.

Five countries will be considered for a comparative analysis: France, Canada, Italy, Turkey, Brazil. The project is articulated on three transversal analytical axes: (1) medical instruments & scientific evaluation and regulation of Risk; (2) collective action and public controversies; (3) institutional responses/changes. It will first and foremost tackle two research objects: epidural anaesthesia and caesarean. It will be fed by a stream of analytical tools that belong to comparative sociology of public problems, cultural history of medical knowledge and techniques, sociology of collective action, as well as ethnographic research.